About Us

Our Mission

Fast Entry Locksmiths mission is to provide honest, trustworthy and excellent locksmith services. We handle all types of security emergiences, and ensure that our client’s homes and commercial properties are safe and secure against future threats. Our goal is to make ourselves accessible at all times to our clients whilst providing the highest quality service that can be offered.


We Offer A Full Line Of Services For All Your Lock smithing needs

How we operate

Fast Entry Locksmiths is a family-run business with over 30 years of experience. We are located in the North West and offer our services to the entire North West of England. We run a 24-hour emergency locksmith service 365 days a year including Christmas Day, New Year and all bank holidays. 

All of our work is completed by genuinely qualified locksmiths. All of our employees are skilled locksmiths that can provide a professional lock opening, repair or replacement service, which in most cases can include being able to open all 5-lever mortice and cylinder locks without any damage. 

Our quality

Fast Entry Locksmiths offer a variety of quality services for our clients

At Fast Entry Locksmiths we have an experienced team that have been in the industry a very long time. Over the years we have offered high quality services to a variety of clients, allowing us to recognise what is expected and valued by our customers.

These are the reasons we believe we offer a quality service that suits our customers needs:

  • From People Locked Out Of Their Homes

We offer a 24/7 Emergency response for clients that require assistance as soon as possible. Our clients also value our expertise once we are on site, getting you in as soon as possible taking full advantage of our decades worth of experience. And we can usually gain entry without causing any damage to the existing lock if required. We are not a call centre who inflate prices and take advantage of your situation. We are a family run business that have been servicing the North-West for decades, offering the best quality service for good value.

  • To People That Have Been Burgled

For clients that have been burgled and left insecure we offer a 24/7 Emergency response. In most cases we can identify how the burglar has managed to gain access and can offer security upgrades on site which could prevent a potential attack in the future. If the burglar has smashed a window to gain entry we offer a 24 hour board up service and can even reglaze the window with a like for like replacement. Burglaries happen at all hours, therefore we believe our customers appreciate our years of expertise on site, offering a secure solution and completing the job efficiently so that we can get out of your way as soon as possible.

  • We Offer Mechanical and Electronic Security Solutions To Suite Your Requirements

Over the decades we have designed and installed hundreds of mechanical master key systems to suit our individual customer’s unique requirements. These systems have provided a great solution for schemes such as Care Homes, Hospitals, Housing Assocation properties and many other schemes that have required varied levels of access to different individuals. Our mechanical solutions are designed using the highest quality cylinders which also offer the best value. We use the same suppliers for the majority of our master key systems that we have used for decades, this is because they have proven to be a great option over the years, out performing the other products available on the market that tend the have a shorter life span, and need replacing sooner; eventually costing the client more money. Over more recent years we are fitting more electronic master key systems. These systems usually have a higher initial cost, however over time can prove to be a more cost effective solution for certain schemes than the mechanical solutions, as well as offering a cleaner, more modern look.

  • As Well As Supplying a Quality Service For all different types of commercial clients that suits their requirement

We have worked with many commercial and professional clients for decades such as housing associations, care homes, the police and the council to offer an efficient and cost effective solution for them. We have managed to maintaintthe custom of our commercial clients and build great relationships because of our friendly and professional approach to workWe offer credit terms for repeat customers which allows time for finance departments to process invoices.

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