Secure Your Home

Ensure your garage and sheds are locked

Garage and sheds are the main storage place for equipment, such as electrical tools, ladders, crowbars, spanners or screw drivers. Burglars could use some of this equipment to gain access to your home.For example, Screwdrivers can be used in Snapping attempts, which in some cases, can enable a thief to get into your home in just 15 seconds. Keep them locked away and out of sight to make forced entry more difficult.

Lock all doors and windows

Surprisingly, not everyone will lock their doors and window when leaving their property. This should be a first protocol check when leaving your home, even if you are just out the house for a few minutes. As entry will be made easy for a passing thief. Recent statistics show that 59% of burglaries occur when someone is in the property.

Keep keys out of sight

Leaving your keys on display may persuade a thief to attack your property over another, Burglars can use tools to reach in through your letterbox and grab keys or other valuables, such as cash. If your car keys are in reaching distance of your letter box, then a thief could grab them and drive off without any sign of forced entry. Consider getting a letterbox with brushes, this helps with draughts and conceal the view inside decreasing the chances of a thief grabbing anything valuable.

British Standard Locks

Choose locks that conform to British Standards. As most insurance companies won’t want to pay out after a break in or burglary if you don’t have BSA locks in place. This is because cheap locks are more accessible, but the materials are unreliable and prone to snapping or unlocked, putting your home at risk.

Burglar alarms

Having a fully functioning burglar alarm in view, makes a thief second guess breaking into your property. As they often think it’s too big of risk and move onto another property. It’s recommend that you regularly check your alarms are working always.

Social media

Don’t become a victim of social media burglary, although it’s tempting to show off your latest holiday on Facebook or Instagram. You are in fact putting your homes security at risk. If you are posting on social media about your expensive purchases or sharing pictures of your home, you are leaving yourself open to burglary and a possible loss of insurance cover, says the Financial Ombudsman Service. Adjusting your privacy settings can help, as well as removing ‘location’ settings from your posts. 

Form a good relationship with neighbours

Form a good relationship with your neighbours, this will ensure that your home is kept safe when you are away. You can ask your neighbours to check on your home every few days and remove any letter, posts etc. from behind your front door. As this is a big sign to a burglar that the property is empty. If your drive is going to be empty whilst you are away, then ask your neighbour if they could park in your driveway to give the impression that somebody is home.

Outside lighting

Having outside lighting that turn on when movement is detected, are deterrents for burglars as the last thing a thief wants is to be seen attempting to break into a property. When purchasing outside lights, consider the range of the sensor and distance it will reach when motion is detected. The most appropriate places for outside lighting is where the back door or windows will be lit up.

Timers for Lights and Electricals

Use timers to switch your lights on and off when you’re away from home. Some digital timers allow you to set on and off times with different intervals for each day of the week, this can help to give the impression that your home is occupied.

Don’t hide spare keys

Burglars understand that people with a spare key usually hide them under plant pots, door mats and around sheds. This not only invalidates your insurance as no force of entry will be shown, but it also gives thief’s a higher chance of success when breaking into your home and taking valuables. If you do have a spare key think about leaving it with trustworthy family members, friends or neighbours. 

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